Diffractive Security Elements

Functional and attractive security features

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Diffractive Security Elements

Functional and attractive security features

With more than 30 different functional and attractive security features, you can protect your products against counterfeiting over the long term – whether overt, semi-covert, or covert.

Our counterfeit-proof visual security elements are highly reliable and flexible in terms of both form and function. Designs that are striking and, at the same time offer security, enable countless functional and visually appealing design options. What’s more, thanks to obvious, covert, and forensic security features, the distribution of product counterfeits is made difficult.

With our patented and not commercially available TRUSTSEAL® Protect technology, you protect branded products long term against tampering and counterfeiting - even if only the mesmerizing design is recognizable at first glance.

TRUSTSEAL® Protect boasts various integrated features that protect and reliably authenticate your products in the long term. For example, any attempt to remove it is clearly indicated, and the holographic features increase the security value of your labels during visual authentication.


Our nanotext/microtext can only be checked with a magnifying glass or a microscope.

Diffractive black

When tilting the hologram along the horizontal axis, the design elements appear in a bright blue-green color.

Partial metallization

By partially removing the aluminum layer, complex design elements such as microtext or small pictures can be isolated from the main design area. This makes it possible to create more interesting and unusual shapes for the TRUSTSEAL® security element.


A combination of different registered shades to increase security by means of a special look.


The taggant guarantees the authentication of a tag in the TRUSTSEAL®. When using a special taggant reader, a green light indicator appears when the taggant is successfully recognized.

Spotlight effect

The spotlight effect is made visible with the help of a point light source.


We would be happy to name some of our successfully completed reference projects to show you exactly how our security features work and how we make life difficult for counterfeiters. But so that our solutions can continue to help protect your income, this is a closely guarded secret.

Do you have any questions about our products? Contact our expert Michael Ritschewald.


Forensic security features


Hot stamping or cold transfer


Single-image application