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The Online Campus for Tax Revenue Security

Counterfeit tax stamps can cause immense damage. Whether in the business or personal sphere, nobody is protected from the health and financial risks posed by imitation products. As a tax stamps officer, product manager, or security printer, you can intervene here!

Sign up for our webinars to learn about the latest security features for tax stamps! Which analog and digital options will determine the market in the future? And how can you protect your particular product against counterfeiters? In our tax stamps webinars, you will not only learn about the latest industry trends but also get the opportunity to talk directly to our experts. Don't miss out on this opportunity and register now!

Learn How Smart and Transparent Tax Stamp Solutions Make Your Life Easier and More Efficient

In this online seminar, we provide information on our well proven security features and on the modern possibilities offered by digitally supported tax stamps.

We will explore how modern tax stamp solutions could look, plus we will explore trends in the tax stamps market. You also have the opportunity to get actively involved: Ask your questions at any time in the chat, take part in surveys and exchange ideas with our experts after the seminar.



  • Speaker: Michael Ritschewald (Product Manager Tax Stamps) and Matthias Kronawitter (Marketing Manager)
  • Dates: 12th October 2021, 9.00 am plus 4.00 pm CET


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